Welcome to my “Law Enforcement Wife Life”.  Together with other law enforcement wives (LEOW) across the USA, I would like to share our tips, tricks and ideas, life hacks (how to clean those stinky vests), connect with other wives, and most of all, my goal is to offer support to any wife or significant other that lives the LEO Wife Life. (Sorry LEO husbands, I’ll try to get around to creating a site for ya’ll as well)

When I first started this blog nine months ago, I thought writing about my life would be easy.  Umm, NOPE! In fact, every time I sat down at my desk I found it harder to come up with ideas and content for my readers.  Putting your life out there for the world to read isn’t easy, especially when your husband is a COP! If I had $1.00 for every glare or eye roll I got from “haters” over the past year alone, I would be able to pay off my car and probably put a down payment on that house I’ve been eyeing!

But, I’m not the only wife that deals with the glares or has to listen to the non-LEO’s tell me how some A**hole in another state once gave their sisters husbands brother a ticket for absolutely no reason whatsoever. LEO wives also have to explain to their families why LEO Husband couldn’t come to Christmas lunch or why he missed the baseball game/dance recital and still, most family members just won’t understand….

I’m also not the only LEO wife that finds bullet casings in the washer, boots tied up in plastic shopping bags with a note saying “DON’T TOUCH – HAZARD”, or buys 2-6 bottles of Fabreeze as soon as the temperature hits 75 degrees! ~FYI: The only thing that stinks worse than a Kevlar vest during August in the south is the undershirt he wears!!!

We, the LEO wives, also deal with FEAR, STRESS, LOSS….  I’ve yet to meet a wife that hasn’t played out that horrible nightmare of being notified YOUR officer is down.

That, more than any other reason, is what has pushed me to work on “The LEO Wife Life”.  Too many communities do not have support groups, resources, outreach programs… nothing…  Even if it isn’t “our husband”, we feel the pain, the fear and the loss.  (I’m working on an article about my experience in November and December of 2016)

If you are a LEO wife, please signup for my newsletter, and don’t worry… I won’t be sending but 1-2 per month.  If you are a fiance, girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter, sister-in-law, or *fill in the blank here*, SIGN UP! CONNECT! SUPPORT!  I’d love to hear from each and every one of you!

(BTW, I’m also open to any ideas, tips, etc., so please feel free to email me)

Welcome to The LEO Wife Life,

~ Catherine ~